Barefoot on Damp Basement Floor

Moisture Issues

Does your basement floor feel damp or wet?

Do you avoid spending time downstairs because of the musty odor?

Women Holding Nose Because of Musty Smell

Do you avoid spending time downstairs because of the musty odor?

Wet Basement Floor From Leaky Stairwell

When it rains, does water puddle in your stairwell or around your foundation which ends up inside your basement or crawlspace?

Man Calling Southern Home Performance for Help with Leaky Basement

Identify the Cause

Sometimes, its difficult to identify the source of these problems some of which may not be visably apparent. Give the waterproofing experts at Southern Home Performance a call. We will be able to help you diagnose the problems in and around your home and offer the optimal solution.

Eliminate the Problem

Waterproofing your basement or crawlspace can eliminate the potential ways that water and moisture can enter your home. If left untreated, this could lead to respiratory issues and structural damage.

The waterproofing process consists of…

  • Cleaning up any internal and external water damage
  • Prevent any further water damage by directing the water away from the home
  • Dig trench around the foundation and grade the soil for proper drainage
  • Lay waterproofing plastic in trench
  • A perimeter drain is installed using perforated plastic tubing. Its wrapped in a permeable sock to protect dirt from entering and clogging the tubes.
  • Layers of gravel of graduated size are placed around the tubing to allow water to flow towards the tube and keep debris out
  • The trench is then back-filled with soil
Basement After Cleaning Up Water Damage

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Waterproofing Projects

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