Dry, Cool Air

Do you still feel cold even when your furnace is running nonstop? Do you seem to be catching a cold or the flu all the time? Does your skin feel dry and itchy?

Low humidity in your home could be the culprit. Bacteria and viruses are more prevalent in a dry environment and can be the reason for you and your family’s repeated health issues.

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Family Enjoy Perfect Moisture Levels in Their Home

Increased Moisture Levels

A whole-home humidifier is installed in the heating system’s ductwork near the furnace. A portion of the air pulled through the ductwork is pushed into the humidifier. Inside the humidifier, the air flows past a supply of water. The water evaporates into the air flow, thus, increasing the moisture level. This air meets up with the rest of the air and is distributed throughout the home.

This humidified air will help you feel warmer in the winter months and healthier all year round.

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Optimal Solution

While a whole-home humidifier will solve these problems, your home may still not be as efficient as it should. Underlying problems such as air leakage through the attic, ductwork, windows, doors, and more could be the main reason for the extreme low humidity. Duct sealing or attic encapsulation may be a better choice.

Call the experts at Southern Home Performance to come and assess your low humidity levels and recommend the optimal solution.

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