Swampy Atmosphere

Does the air in your home feel unpleasantly stuffy like your living in a swamp? Do you notice excess moisture collecting on your windows and walls? Does your home smell musty and you see mold growing?

Woman Suffering From a Cold

Regardless of the time of year, high humidity can be a problem in your home. It increases the risk of mold and mildew growth, resulting in allergy and respiratory problems. High humidity can also contribute to structural compromise of your home and an invitation for pests to live.

A whole-house dehumidifier system works to rid the air of the high humidity from your entire house.

Ultra Aire Dehumidifier Installed in a Basement

MOST homes are missing a critical component on their AC system – This video from Matt Risinger tells you why you need a dehumidifier in your home today.

A Critical Component of Your AC System

The whole-home dehumidifier works with your heating and cooling system. It pulls air through the return ducts. The air then blows past cooled coils that pull the moisture from the air. The moisture gathers on the coils and drains into a reservoir. The dehumidified air is then pushed back out into the house through the heating and air conditioning systems.

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Light, Clean, Healthy Air

If you feel there is a humidity problem in your home, give Southern Home Performance a call today. We can help you assess your concerns and find the optimal solution. We want the air in your home to feel light, clean and healthy.

Dehumidifier Project Gallery

Dehumidifier Installed in Attic - Page Gallery
70H Ultra Aire Dehumidifier - Page Gallery
Dehumidifier in Crawlspace - Page Gallery
105H Ultra Aire Dehumidifier in Attic - Page Gallery
Ultra Aire Dehumidifier in Attic - Page Gallery
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