What’s in the air you are breathing?

Do you have a general sense of unwellness when in your house? Do your allergies and asthma seem worse when your inside? Does your pet shed fur and give off dander? How much pollen just blew in through that open window?

The truth is the air inside your home actually has a higher concentration of air contaminants than outside. EPA studies show that many indoor air pollutant levels can be two to five times higher than outdoor levels. The air you are breathing can contain mold, pet dander, toxins from smoking, pollen blown in from outside, bacteria, and more. Since 90% of your time is spent indoors, why wouldn’t you want to control these levels and protect you and your family from sickness, bad indoor odors, severe breathing and allergic reactions?

The use of an air purification system can help you breath easy and combat these adverse effects.

Girl Using Inhaler to Treat Asthma

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Lennox Air Purification System Installed

What is an air purification system?

An air purification system pulls the air in your home through several filters to remove the harmful air particles such as dust, pollen, dander and bacteria, thus helping prevent allergy flare-ups and other illnesses for you. It than distributes the purified air throughout the home. This process repeats several times an hour, keeping the air in your home healthy. You can now just relax and breath easy knowing the air purification system cleans your air for you!

Couple Relaxing on the Couch Enjoying Cleanier Air

Feel Better – Breathe Better

If you think an air purification system is right for you, then don’t wait! Have the experienced specialists at Southern Home Performance install a new air purification system for you today! You’ll feel better, breathe better, and get to enjoy life around your home more than ever!

Air Purification Project Gallery

Air Purification Unit Installed - Page Gallery
Air Purification System Installed Next to Carrier Furnace - Page Gallery
Lennox Air Purification System Installed - Page Gallery
Installed Carrier Air Purification System - Page Gallery
Lennox Healthy Climate Air Purification System Installed Next to Air Handler - Page Gallery
Air Purification System Inside a Crawlspace - Page Gallery
Air Purification Installed in Duct Work - Page Gallery
Carrier Air Purification System - Page Gallery
Air Purification System Installed in HVAC Wall Unit - Page Gallery

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