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Increase Energy Savings

Are you making every effort to cut down on your energy use, yet you’re still getting sky-high electric bills at the beginning of every month? It might be time to schedule a whole home assessment & energy audit.

Southern Home Performance uses a whole house or building science-based approach to evaluate the home to determine how it’s critical subsystems  (building envelope, mechanical systems, appliances, lighting and inhabitants) are performing individually and together. This leads to more comprehensive home improvements, increased energy savings,  and better attention to health and safety.

To get the most out of your whole home assessment & energy audit you’ll need a specialist trained in building science principles to perform a complete visual and diagnostic energy inspection of all of the home’s thermal and mechanical systems. Southern Home Performance has all the know-how and skills to locate any and all potential problems within your home which provides you with a more efficient and comfortable home to live in.

Energy 101: Home Energy Checkup

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What Do We Look For?

We look for anything and everything that could be causing energy loss related to your HVAC system: doors, windows, ducts, your heating and cooling systems, your crawl space, and your attic. Your heating and air can escape through poorly sealed windows and doors, meaning you’ll be paying for air that you won’t enjoy. The same can be said for your attic and crawlspace. And as for your ductwork: If any holes or tears develop in it, you could be losing a large quantity of the warm or cold air your system is trying to circulate throughout your house.

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What’s Next?​

If we note any of these problems, then you’ll know the cause of much of your sky-high energy bills. Don’t become disheartened, though. Knowing the cause of the problem is the first step on the road to fixing the problem! And with the bounty of information that an energy audit provides us with, we are already well-equipped to fix all of your HVAC-related energy problems! Call the experts at Southern Home Performance today and enjoy lower energy bills soon!

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