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At Southern Home Performance, we are committed to excellence and we are here to help you create a healthier, cleaner and more comfortable indoor living environment. Routine maintenance should be performed to ensure your home is ready to protect you from the extreme temperatures and help you have a longer lasting system.  Our Preventative Maintenance plans cover your entire HVAC system. Check out the following tasks that we perform for each season.

Children Staying Cool on a Hot Summer Day


Whether you use a conventional air conditioner or a heat pump to cool your home, your cooling system should have a maintenance check-up every spring to prepare for the hot, humid weather of summer.

1. Check Thermostat

2. Replace or Clean Standard Air Filter

3. Clean Electronic Air Cleaner Cells

4. Replace High-Efficiency Air Cleaner Media

5. Lubricate Motor & Bearings (where applicable)

6. Clean Humidifier and Disengage for Cooling Season

7. Check Condensate Drain Line

8. Test Condensate Pump Operation

9. Remove and Clean Condensate Pump (if needed)

10. Clean Cooling Coil (if needed)

11. Check Temperature Drop Across Cooling Coil

12. Check Refrigerant Level

13. Perform Refrigerant Leak Detection (if needed)

14. Test Line Voltage

15. Check Electrical Connections

16. Check Electrical Terminals

17. Test Amperage Draw of Compressor

18. Inspect Condenser Coil

19. Clean Condenser Coil (if needed)

20. Check Condenser Fan Motor Bearings

21. Inspect Condenser Fan blade for Fatigue Cracks

22. Inspect Electrical Disconnect Wire Connections

23. Test High Pressure Switch

24. Test Low Pressure Switch

Girl Keeping Warm on a Wintry Cold Day


Whether you use a conventional heating system or a heat pump to heat your home, your heating system should have a maintenance check-up every fall to ensure your home stays nice and warm during the winter.

1. Check Thermostat Operation

2. Check Heat Anticipator Setting

3. Replace or Clean Standard Air Filter

4. Clean Electronic Air Cleaner Cells

5. Replace High-Efficiency Air Cleaner Media

6. lnspect Heat Exchange for Cracks (where accessible)

7. Clean & Adjust Pilot (if needed)

8. Test Pilot Safety Switch

9. Test Gas Valve

10. Test Thermocouple

11. lnspect Electronic ignition Components

12. Clean Burner Air Shutters (where applicable)

13. Check Gas Burner Ports

14. Remove and Clean Gas Burners

15. lnspect Draft Diverter

16. Test induced Draft Fan Assembly (where applicable)

17. lnspect Gas Flue Pipe (where applicable)

18. Test Gas Pressure (if needed)

19. Check Electrical Connections

20. Check Temperature Rise

21. Check Blower Wheel Balance

22. Remove and Clean Blower Wheel

23. Check Bearings for Play

24. Lubricate Motor & Bearings (where applicable)

25. Test Fan Controls

26. Test Limit Controls for Safety Operation

27. Replace Humidifier Media or Nozzle

28. Engage Humidifier for Heating Season

29. Test Condensate Pump Operation (if used in winter)

30. Remove and Clean Condensate Pump (if used in winter)

31. Affix Maintenance inspection Label to Unit

32. Test Heat Sequencer (where applicable)

33. Test Amperage Draw of Heating Elements (where applicable)

34. Test Amperage Draw of Compressor

35. Inspect Compressor Electrical Terminals

36. Test Defrost Cycle

37. Clean indoor Coil (if needed)

38. Inspect Outdoor Coil

39. Clean Outdoor Coil (if needed)

40. Check Refrigerant Levels


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