An Efficient Way to Heat & Cool a Home

Are you wondering if there is a simpler, more efficient way to heat and cool your home? Do you live in an area where temperatures rarely fall below 32 degrees? A heat pump may be the answer.

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Watch this video to see how a Heat Pump works during the winter & summer to heat & cool the home. You can also pair a Heat Pump with a Gas Furnace to use as a duel fuel system. That way your home can stay comfortable in any weather with the lowest utility cost.

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

A heat pump works by moving warm air to where it is needed or not needed. Thus, it pulls double duty as both your air-conditioning and heating system. If warm air is present in your home and you need it out of your home, your heat pump will move the warm air right on out. On those extreme cold days, the heat pump can work with your gas furnace to reach your desired comfort level.

If you need your home to be a little warmer, a heat pump will pull warm air present outside your home and move it inside. So though it works with heat, it is not made only to heat an area. It can still be used for cooling purposes; it just happens to cool by moving heat away from an area.

Benefits To Using A Heat Pump System

Since a heat pump moves rather than generates heat, it proves to be one of the most economical choices for warming your home. It is powered by electricity, meaning you don’t need to worry about paying a large gas bill to keep your home warm. Another benefit to using a heat pump system is that it distributes air throughout your home evenly. In other words, it doesn’t leave any cold spots. This is good news for those cold winter mornings when your kitchen or bathroom – staples of everyone’s morning routine – might be the unfortunate blind spots in your heating system’s eye.

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Is a Heat Pump Right for You?

If you like the sound of even, affordable heating and air, then a heat pump system is the right option for you. If you decide to have one installed, then look no further than the experts at Southern Home Performance for an excellent, affordable installation!

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