What Moves That Air?

You’re sitting at home relaxing on a cold winter’s day. Your heating system is quietly blowing out the hot air that your heat pump provides. What moves that air from outside and distributes it evenly into every room? The answer is an air handler.

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How Does an Air Handler Work?

Air handlers – as their name implies – handle air. Though similar to a furnace in design, storage, and functionality, it does not have the ability to produce heat. The air handler is the indoor part of your heat pump system that circulates the conditioned air pulled from outside throughout your home’s ductwork system in the most efficient, fastest way. Without an air handler, conditioned air could reach you, but it would do so more slowly and it might have lost much of its conditioned properties by that point!

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What Could be the Problem with my Air Handler?

The top HVAC problems that can affect how well your air handler works include:

Dirty Air Filters

An air filter helps your air stay healthy and to keep large particles from affecting your HVAC system. If it is not routinely changed, the dirty air filter can restrict air flow. This can lead to the system being overworked, overheating, freezing up, and even, total equipment failure.

Clogged Evaporator Coils

Evaporator coils absorb the warm air of your home. Cooled refrigerant gets pumped through this coil, dropping the air temperature as it exits the unit. If the coils become clogged, the airflow doesn’t get cooled as effectively and the amount of cooled air flowing through the house is decreased.

Blower Motor Failure

A blower motor controls how quickly the air is pushed through the ventilation. It is put under constant stress due to the frequent adjustment in speed. The most common reason for failure is dirt accumulation due to lack of maintenance. If it fails, the entire HVAC system can be affected and even come to a halt.

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The Solution Is…

Regular maintenance is the best way to ensure these problems do not occur.

If you have any questions about air handlers or need yours repaired or replaced, then just give us a call at Southern Home Performance today! We have the experience and know-how to handle all of your air handler needs!

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